William Bjoraker, PhD in Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2007. Associate Professor of Judeo-Christian and Contemporary Western Culture Studies

James Butare-Kiyovu, PhD in Applied Linguistics, Sorbonne University, 1982. Professor of Applied Linguistics  

Clara Cheng, PhD in Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2001. Associate Professor of Psychological Anthropology  

Joel T. Hamme, PhD in Biblical Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2014.   Associate Professor of Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies  

Peter Im, PhD in Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1992. Professor of Intercultural Studies and Director of the Global Leadership Center   

Grace May, ThD in Systematic Theology, Boston University School of Theology, 2000.   Associate Professor of Biblical Studies   

Yalin Xin, PhD in Intercultural Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary, 2008. Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies   

Greg Parsons, PhD in Historical Studies, University of Wales, 2012. Ralph D. Winter Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies   


President - Kevin Higgins, PhD Intercultural Studies                                                      

Vice President of Programs - Jonathan Lewis, PhD                                   

Dean of Academic Affairs - Yalin Xin, PhD                                              

Director of MA Program - Joel Hamme, PhD                                                      

Reference Librarian - Tim Skinner, MLS

PhD Administrator - Patty Tessandori

Registrar - Tom Rutherford                                                                            

Admissions Counselor, Communications Coordinator - Ashley Manley    

Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant - Kirsten Feldman                                                     

Chief Operations Manager - Kerry Jones                                                

Controller - John Husman                                                                        

Security Manager - John Ludwig                                                              

Operations - Ramon Solis 


MA Instructor &


Joel Hamme, Ph.D.

Joe Rice, Ph.D.

Barrie Evans, Ph.D. 

Ph.D. Committee

William Bjoraker, Ph.D.

Moussa Bongoyok, Ph.D.

Wonsang Sam Cho, Ph.D.

James Butare-Kiyovu, Ph.D.

Jean Baptiste Roamba, Ph.D.

Anthony Casey, Ph.D.

Darren Durskin, Ph.D.

Sharon Wai-Man Chan, Ph.D.

Yong Joong Cho, Ph.D.

Bulus Galadima, Ph.D.

Gilles Gravelle, Ph.D.

James Harries, Ph.D.

Rick Hivner, D.Litt. et Phil.

Byung Moon Kang, Ph.D.

John Taek Kim, Ph.D.

Sebastian Kim, Ph.D.

Benjamin Lee, Ph.D.

Seungil Lee, Ph.D.

Timothy Kiho Park, Ph.D.

Robert Moffitt, Ph.D.

Bauta Motty, Ph.D.

Greg Parsons, Ph.D.

Yacouba Sanon, Ph.D. 


WCIU is governed by a board of trustees that is currently comprised of the following members:  

Robert Blincoe, Chair  

Greg Parsons

Chong Kim  

Timothy G. Lewis  

Lee Purgason  

Bob Tickner 

Fran Pat

Bruce Graham


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