WCIU Contact Information for Students

Please see the information below regarding the administrative departments to contact when you have any questions or need assistance:

Admissions Office

Serves prospective students and those who are in the initial stages of enrollment. If you know someone interested in taking courses with WCIU, please have them contact the admissions office.


Office of the Registrar

Manages all activities related to transcript requests, academic records, financial aid, graduation applications, and student privacy.


Student Services

Student Services primarily serves students, but also serves faculty with activities related to Populi assistance, evaluations, library support, website updates and routine student communication.


Academic Affairs

(degree program information)

Academic Affairs primarily serves faculty, but also serves students with activities related to syllabi revisions, cohort support, the WCIU online journal, graduation, and routine faculty communication.


PhD Office

Manages PhD student matters, and offers assistance to enhance PhD students’ experience


WCIU Faculty

(Professors, academic staff)

WCIU Faculty are available to their students through virtual conferences, on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact individual faculty members for appointments through their email address located in the Populi directory.


WCIU Administrative Phone: (626) 398-2273                                   

WCIU Website: www.wciu.edu

Staff are available mainly available between the hours of 10:00am and 5:00pm (Pacific Standard Time)