MA Tuition and Fees

Note: Fees are subject to change at the discretion of the University. These projected costs only include those charged by the WCIU for its services and does not include additional costs associated with the student's personal internet access, any travel occasioned by their studies or any other expense that may be incurred while in the pursuit of a degree from WCIU.   

Charges to M.A. students for WCIU courses are divided into the following categories:    

Application fee

Students enrolling in WCIU for the first time are required to pay an application fee of $50.00. This fee is paid only once and covers the initial cost of establishing and maintaining a student's file, and reviewing the supporting documentation of the student’s application. This fee is non-refundable. [Please note that students who are inactive for more than 2 consecutive terms will be automatically placed on inactive status and must be re-activated.  The re-admission fee is $50.]    


The tuition fee will be paid to WCIU when the student registers for a course. This is the charge for instruction or instructional services. The tuition cost for each course is $200 per credit hour. A two-credit course therefore costs $400 in tuition. Tuition will remain fixed for a given academic year, but may change from one academic year to the next.   


WCIU offers a fifty percent tuition discount on the introductory course, Foundations of Biblical Faith for members of agencies, development organizations, or Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course alumni.

                              Total tuition for MA students:                                        

36 credits x $200/credit= $7200*    

(Excludes cost of books and other materials and one-time application fee of $50.)  

*A payment plan is available for students to pay in one-month increments.  Please see “Financial Aid and Payment Plan” section of this Catalog.

WCIU, at its own discretion, may award scholarships to qualified students.  Please contact for more information.


The online library access fees

WCIU's online library, Latourette Library, allows students access to required reading and textbooks. The online library access fee for each course is $50.  The costs of access to the online library are subject to change at any time.    

Total online library access fees:    

16 courses x $50/course= $800   


Most of the M.A. program course readings are accessible electronically in course lessons or through our online library catalog. However, students may need to purchase additional books (either hard copy or Kindle e-book) for the completion of course requirements. Many of these books will be used in multiple courses throughout the program.  Students may contact for further information regarding textbook costs.    

Approximate total book cost for the entire program:    

$480 - $ 960 plus shipping

Graduation Fee

Students are required to pay a $50 graduation fee. This fee covers the cost of a diploma and an official transcript delivered to the student's address. 

Example of total costs per term (for one 2-credit course):   

$400 Tuition ($200 per semester credit x 2 credits)

$  50 Curriculum Fee


Due by the end of the payment period (unless a payment plan is established).