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Jennifer winters

"The quality and variety of the authors and material we read, as well as the range of subjects discussed have stretched my thinking farther than I thought possible, painful at times, but extremely beneficial."

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Andrew pearce

"I am thankful that WCIU has made it possible to stay engaged in full-time cross-cultural ministry while at the same time pursuing a PhD that is practical and impactful to the ministry I am passionate about."


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Mert hershberger, alum

"A major paper at WCIU was "Multi-Cultural Madness." Now a peer support, that perspective compels me to see citizens, not symptoms. Jesus (called “out of His mind”) guides my work with those struggling, with students, or with service standards."

Jeff Nelson, alum

"During my studies the perspective of God's working throughout history gave background for and significance to life, my own and that of the culture in which I served. The practical application led me to a fruitful ministry focus on oral learning." 

Neil Rees speaking.jpg

neil rees, ALUM 

“My education at WCIU has provided foundational understanding that influences the way I do most of what I do.”

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Donald Moon, Alum

"WCIU has helped me in the way I interact with multicultural teams, identifying problems, and bringing solutions to bear that reflect my understanding of cultural styles and their effect on team members as well as on myself.”



jon lewis, vp of programs

"WCIU is uniquely addressing the training needs of front line workers. No one else is so dedicated or equipped to do this work."