Refund Policy

Students may find it necessary to withdraw from their program of study. Students may notify the University of their desire to withdraw in any manner; however, in writing is preferred. Students withdrawing from a course receive a refund based on the following refund schedule for all twelve-week (3 month) course lengths.

Sample Refund Calculation: If a student contacts the University (in any manner) and requests to withdraw during the third week, the student will receive the following refund amount: $180. (Tuition Paid: $400 minus $50 application fee and $50 first month online library fee equals $300. Sixty percent of $300 is $180.

Refund Payments: WCIU processes all refund payments within 30 days following students’ notice of cancellation or withdrawal.

Note: Refund amounts are the same whether tuition has already been paid in full or the student has created a payment plan that has not yet been paid in full.

Cancellation Policy

Students have the right to cancel the signed enrollment agreement without any penalty or obligations through the first scheduled day of instruction or the seventh (7th) calendar day following acceptance of the signed enrollment agreement, whichever is later, and obtain a full 100% refund. After the end of the cancellation period, students may cancel the enrollment agreement and receive a refund based on the published refund policy based on the last day of attendance.