Petitioning for Readmission

Students who do not enroll or withdraw from courses for two consecutive terms will be made inactive. Any student seeking to be readmitted should send an email to stating the desire to enroll in courses. The student’s request will be reviewed and the admissions department will then communicate the decision to the student. (Please note the turnaround time for this request may be 7-10 days so must be done well in advance of enrollment deadlines.)

If the student’s petition for readmission is approved, he/ she will need to pay a $50 readmission fee and will then be re-activated in Populi and eligible to register for courses for the next available term.

Note: This process may take 7-10 days due to needing Committee approval. When the student is ready to return to the program, a $50 readmission fee will be charged.

Application for Readmission