The Truth Behind the Word International


Dear WCIU Friends and Colleagues,

I am at the third key word in describing our degree, the Master of Arts in International Development.

This post brings me to the word "international", a word that carries many layers of meaning!

In our context, here are just some dimensions. International means:

+ our programs are offered and taken in many countries

+ our students and faculty are citizens of many countries

+ our vision is to offer our core curriculum, at least, in 12 major languages, making it more accessible in many countries

But so far all of that is about countries, as if "country" and nation" are somehow the same.

Anyone familiar with WCIU, anyone who has taken any of our courses, will be able to tell you that this is a huge mistake!

So, the word international carries within it for us the seed of a profound concern for the nations, the ethne, peoples who comprise the social-linguistic-religious variety of this amazingly beautiful world God created: and it is these nations, understood this way whom God has identified as the recipients of Blessing. 

So, at WCIU "international" carries within it not only the scope of our purpose as a University, but also the hope we bear, that every nation will in fact experience the fullness of God's blessing.


Kevin Higgins

President, WCIU