A Follow Up and a Look Back to Eden


Dear WCIU Colleagues and Friends

First a follow up:

In my last blog I encouraged you to consider submitting articles, things you are writing, to our WCIU Journal. We want to foster and encourage wide participation in mutual life long learning. Here is a link to where you can send:


And then a look back, all the way to Eden:

This week I had one of those flashes of insights in which I see a lot of things come together in one intuitive moment.

Many people have tried to summarize the big story, the "meta-narrative" of God's purposes for the world and all of humanity.

I was thinking of the first two chapters of Genesis and how that frames the way the entire rest of the "story" is to be read.

And it hit me, the big story, the big conclusion, could be summarized as:

"Walking with God, together as men and women, in the cool of the evening, naked an unashamed, and tending a world full of God's blessing and beauty"

That captures so much:

The profound intimacy we were all made for with God and with each other, and our place in this grand creation and all that God purposes for us and for it.

My prayer today is that I might grow and live more fully into that story...walking with God and others, in my family and among my colleagues, in intimacy, and finding new ways to "tend" the world God has placed me in, taking some small part in restoring a world of blessing and beauty.