Leading from the Heart of Jesus!


Dear WCIU Colleagues and Friends,

Recently WCIU's Bill Bjoraker presented a very insightful analysis of the American soul. He highlighted the roots and sources of our deep individualism and some of the challenges this presents in mission, and within our own culture.

Those who heard his presentations were very appreciative.

In his talk, Bill traced the radical individualism of our culture to many, many cultural themes, including the current climate in the USA surrounding sexuality and gender issues.

One thing I appreciated most, in relation to that theme, actually came out later, when I invited him to interact a bit with the WCIU staff around his ideas and insights.

Bill was wearing a wristband marked "Matthew 9:36", the verse in which Jesus saw the crowds, looking on them with compassion, as sheep without a shepherd.

Bill's pastoral heart came to the fore for those with whom we differ as he said, "We as Christians tend to lead from anger or politics or judgement..." and challenged us to lead and speak from the heart of Jesus in Matthew 9:36!!!!

Thank you Bill!!

I also think the slide Bill presented from Dr. Winter about the need for next revival, a revival realigned with social transformation not just personal transformation, is worthy of being further discussed, as it ties us directly to our purposes within WCIU!