Urban Transformation


Dear WCIU Friends and Colleagues,

In a recent blog I mentioned our recent Andragogy conference and shared with you my reflections on Jesus as a teacher, and how that should impact us.

I know you are all very busy, and that what I am sharing here requires time.

But I want to make available to you some of the material from the conference.

In this case, I am sending a link to the presentation by Dr. Viv Greg of Azusa Pacific University and developer of MATUL (MA in Transformational Urban Leadership). Viv has become a friend and a man from whom I am eager to learn more.

I believe his insights into mission, urban contexts, the poor, and education for transformation will challenge and encourage and bring wisdom.

Here is a link to his lecture, a video:  Viv Gregg, "Pedagogy of the Oppressed"

Here is the power point presentation he used:  "Andragogy for Urban Poor Leaders"