WCIU Andragogy Conference


Dear WCIU Friends and Colleagues,

One of our values at WCIU is "innovation", and in particular innovation in the education. Our commitment to learner directed, adult education is one way that we seek to be true to our values.

Recently WCIU and IUDI (a university in Cameroon launched based on WCIU's vision and by Dr. Moussa Bongoyok) co-sponsored and hosted a special conference on "Andragogy", adult education.

There were guest presenters such as Dr. Egbert Brink, a long time partner with IUDI and Dr. Moussa; Dr. Viv Grigg from Azusa Pacific and founder of the MA in Transformative Urban Leadership; and WCIU's own Dr. Jonathan Lewis.

I was honored to be asked to give some opening comments, and I wanted to share that with you through this link to the video.

As men and women committed to working at the roots of human problems, and doing so as followers of Jesus, the great teacher, we have much to learn from his way of teaching.

I hope you enjoy this small taste!