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Dear WCIU Colleagues and Friends,

I just want to pass along a recent development (in our work of promoting development!)...

Kevin Higgins

A new undated topic has started in the WCIU Journal: Area Studies, with the initial focus on Africa

Area Studies 

1. In "African Traditional Beliefs and Development," Chris Ampadu, PhD, from West Africa, writes about the way worldview affects development. "Too much attention is given in African cultures to ancestors, with people looking to them for advice and favors instead of looking progressively to the future."

2. In "An Acholi Perspective on Peacemaking," David Ofumbi, PhD, from East Africa, writes about the intuitive and very biblical approach of the Acholi people to dealing with extreme evil and violence. God's way is to overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21). What can people from other societies learn from the example of the Acholi people?

I invite you to join the conversation that has already started in the Area Studies undated issue or comment on an article in one of the other topics. (See the list on the Home Page.) [http://www.wciujournal.org/]

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For the Glory of God,

Beth Snodderly

Editor, Ralph D. Winter Research Center

Editor, William Carey International Development Journal