WCIU in 5 years


Dear WCIU Colleagues and Friends!

In this blog post I want to start a series of posts focused on where we are headed as WCIU.

I don’t know what will happen in 5 Years! But here is what I and our leadership are seeing, so far…this could and should change as we move forward, but this gives us focus.

Over the next weeks I will share more about these, one or two at a time, but for now, be encouraged.

Kevin Higgins

President, WCIU

1. More students: 300 students in our MA, and other programs 

2. More mentors: Dozens of scholar practitioners in our WCIU Society mentoring our students as adjunct and field deans

3. More influence: Develop, serve, and leverage the educational quality of an international network of associated schools:

- Each school impacting 100’s of students through our core curriculum

- Select schools assisting in translating core curriculum onto major world languages

4. Incubate new, innovative programs: 

a. new areas of focus in our MA: Translation Studies, Global Women’s Empowerment, Global Health Leadership, etc.

b. new “institutes”: Chinese Studies, Korean Global Leadership, South Asia, etc.

c. new experiments: for example, something that could become a new BA program, with students choosing a “mission, not a major” in an innovative, outcomes based program.

5. Sustainability:

- Increasing numbers of students paying full tuition

- Increasing amount of funds from donations to scholarships through our Global Scholars program 

- A decreasing reliance on endowed income (from rent or invested funds)