Creation. Who Cares?

I have an office at WCIU with a window facing the mountains above Pasadena. I try not to get too distracted when I am there: trails winding up the hill sides that beckon to me to explore, the sunlight falling on shoulders and crests and peaks, rocks peaking through the vegetation.

Almost every summer I spend significant chunks of time backpacking in the high Sierra Nevada mountains that form a spine running north and south through California. Every step and breath and morning and evening is a reminder of the beauty and splendor, and the extravagant richness of the world we live in.

In the major religious traditions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, this is a world that has been created and continues to be held together by the creative grace of God.

As such, it is very appropriate in today's context to say things like, "God is green", and "God was the first environmentalist".

WCIU's emphasis on international development includes this awareness that we are living in a world God created and blessed and in which God placed human beings to be stewards, to tend the world God spoke into being.

Thus, addressing issues of creation care is a vital dimension of development.

WCIU along with Frontier Ventures is eager to co-sponsor the Creation Care Conference on our campus on April 6th and 7th, in Pasadena, CA.

To register, go to

I know that for some Christians, issues like creation care seem like political issues or issues not integrally related to the Gospel. But since "all creation is eagerly longing for the revealing of the children of God" so that creation too can be realized from its bonds and decay, in fact the Gospel and creation are deeply connected.

Creation. Who cares? Well, God was the first to care, and invites us to join.

I hope to see you in April! 

Kevin Higgins

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