The ART in M.A.


Dear Friends of WCIU,

I have been explaining each word in "Master of Arts in International Development". This time, I come to the word, art.

I am grateful for the fact that this term became the standard for so many degrees: master of arts in ___________. 

An art is different than a technical skill, or even expertise. An art requires skill. It requires knowledge. But it also requires a creative, "spark" of inspiration or intuition, the practical wisdom to know in the moment how to apply the skills and knowledge one has acquired.

International development requires artists: men and women who are equipped with more than just skill, and more than just a body of knowledge and information. 

At WCIU we seek to instill in ourselves and in our fellow learners (students) the raw material from which to make art. We see to mentor new artists who mirror the creative and imaginative and artistic flourishes of the great Artist as we see nations and communities re-shaped into the image for which they were first brought forth.

Kevin Higgins

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