Helping Learners Learn


Dear WCIU Colleagues and Friends,

A few weeks ago I sent one of the videos from the WCIU conference on Andragogy (or adult learning, learner directed learning).

The main guest lecturer, Dr. Egbert Brink, gave two presentations which I will send now, one here, and one in a week.

I trust you will find him encouraging and stimulating.

Here is a bit about him:

Dr. Egbert Brink is the Vice President in Charge of Academic Affairs
Professor at Institut Universitaire de Développement International
(IUDI), a university based in Cameroon but serving both French and
English speaking students from various countries around the world
( WCIU helped with the launch of IUDI. He is also a pastor and a professor at IUDI, Kampen University (Netherlands), and various other institutions. He holds a Doctorate in Theology.

Our aim in sharing these is to help all of us continue to grow in this sphere of helping learners learn.


Kevin Higgins

Here is the link for Egbert's first segment


Urban Transformation


Dear WCIU Friends and Colleagues,

In a recent blog I mentioned our recent Andragogy conference and shared with you my reflections on Jesus as a teacher, and how that should impact us.

I know you are all very busy, and that what I am sharing here requires time.

But I want to make available to you some of the material from the conference.

In this case, I am sending a link to the presentation by Dr. Viv Greg of Azusa Pacific University and developer of MATUL (MA in Transformational Urban Leadership). Viv has become a friend and a man from whom I am eager to learn more.

I believe his insights into mission, urban contexts, the poor, and education for transformation will challenge and encourage and bring wisdom.

Here is a link to his lecture, a video:  Viv Gregg, "Pedagogy of the Oppressed"

Here is the power point presentation he used:  "Andragogy for Urban Poor Leaders"