Important: Latest News About WCIU

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Friends of WCIU,

After serving for the past 27 years in the field and then as the leader of a mission sending movement, in May of 2017 I found the Lord calling me to serve as President of William Carey International University.

I was most attracted here by the vision I shared for seeing the Kingdom making maximum impact among the least reached. When I arrived in May 2017 the Board of WCIU was well into a process of evaluating how to make the most effective and strategic use of our resources of people and property to fulfill our vision, including consideration of the potential sale of a portion of our property.

The primary drive for me in this process has been, how do we best utilize what we have for the purposes God has given us?

It is a vision 40 years old, passed to us from Dr. Ralph Winter and many others here. And it is a vision for the next 40 years, or until His Kingdom comes in fullness.

We are standing at the front edges of a new path, one that includes an ongoing, creative presence here in Pasadena focused on innovation and training to effectively overcome barriers to the Gospel and accelerate breakthroughs among the least reached, seeing movements to Jesus expressing all the fullness of His Kingdom among all the peoples of the earth.

We will continue to pursue that here in Pasadena, and in a growing number of acceleration points globally, located closer to where God is raising up new mission movements, and closer to the unreached themselves, the people groups who have always been our focus and our treasure.

Where are we relative to our property?

After evaluating a number of possibilities, we have agreed with one potential buyer to discuss in more detail the specific terms of a sale for a portion of the property. Of course, in the next several months, it is possible that one or both parties will decide that it is not something to pursue, and it is possible that even if agreed, the buyer may not be able to fulfill their side.

I have been encouraging my team and staff here to seek to live in this very chaotic and confusing season with three things in our hearts:

  • Charitable assumptions for others
  • Prayer to the One Who builds the house and guards the city
  • And a steady hand on the plow as we pursue reaching all peoples

In Jesus

Kevin Higgins

President WCIU