William Carey Day Celebration!

Over 20 WCIU faculty, staff, and friends came together to celebrate William Carey Day last Friday, October 20, 2017. The celebration consisted of a variety of Indian food, fun and fellowship. After eating, everyone grabbed a seat and watched "A Candle in the Dark", a movie about the life of William Carey, and all he and his family endured as he pursued purpose with a beautiful conviction which led to breakthrough in India. The movie made us laugh, smile, cry and rejoice at the miracles that took place after what seemed to be "failed attempts". As he persevered, it was evident that every attempt William Carey made was in actuality a time of seed planting which continued to grow and still is today. 

William Carey is honored with a feast day in the Calendar of Saints every October 19th by several churches of the Anglican Communion. William Carey founded the Serampore College and Serampore University, the first degree awarding University in India, and also translated the Bible into Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, Arabic, Marathi, Hindi, and Sanskrit.

His heart for India is a reminder of God's never-ending, relentless love for all mankind. May we each follow the unique conviction which lies within us. It is then we can truly "expect great things from God; and attempt great things for God."


Ashley Manley