WCIU Faculty & Staff Celebrated the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival!


Last Wednesday, WCIU Faculty and Staff gathered together and indulged in a delicious assortment of mooncakes and Jasmine tea in commemoration of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. While gathering, we learned a lot about Chinese culture and traditions from our very own Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Yalin Xin. Our time together was nothing short of fantastic. Laughter, fellowship and tea in gorgeously decorated cups gave us all a sense of excitement, as well as a short break from our daily work routine.

A BIG thank you to Dr. Yalin Xin, who graciously invited us to be apart of this wonderful experience. We learned so much, and the mooncakes were AMAZING!

For those wondering what exactly the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is, it is the second largest festival in China following the Chinese New Year. During this time, family members and friends come together to gaze at the moon and express memories of other family and friends who live far away. As they watch the beautiful moon it is custom to eat mooncakes, which symbolizes reunion of family. The holiday lasts for an entire week--how awesome is that?! Take a look at the amazing photos below.


Ashley Manley