WCIU Faculty & Staff Celebrated the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival!


Last Wednesday, WCIU Faculty and Staff gathered together and indulged in a delicious assortment of mooncakes and Jasmine tea in commemoration of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. While gathering, we learned a lot about Chinese culture and traditions from our very own Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Yalin Xin. Our time together was nothing short of fantastic. Laughter, fellowship and tea in gorgeously decorated cups gave us all a sense of excitement, as well as a short break from our daily work routine.

A BIG thank you to Dr. Yalin Xin, who graciously invited us to be apart of this wonderful experience. We learned so much, and the mooncakes were AMAZING!

For those wondering what exactly the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is, it is the second largest festival in China following the Chinese New Year. During this time, family members and friends come together to gaze at the moon and express memories of other family and friends who live far away. As they watch the beautiful moon it is custom to eat mooncakes, which symbolizes reunion of family. The holiday lasts for an entire week--how awesome is that?!

Click the photo below to view more images from our gathering.

Our students serve on the front lines


WCIU offers 100% online education programs designed to prepare men and women to address the roots of problems in developing countries. With that said, our students come from many different cultures, backgrounds and locations. Some in Africa, India, China, Australia, New Zealand, and some are even located right here in the state of California--the list goes on. What is even more awesome, is that as a distance education university, students have the opportunity to interact and connect with their instructors and classmates online. This draws in those who have a deep desire to learn, but live extremely busy lives, raising children, working, and serving in ministry.

Our amazing students serve on the front-lines in developing countries in the fields of education, micro-enterprise and community development, all while maintaining their commitments to training and preparation through their education here at WCIU. Not only is that impressive, it's commendable. Big salute and thanks to our WCIU students who have joined the movement, and with that, will make a huge difference in and throughout the world.

We are currently training 77 students from 44 countries serving in over 23 development agencies.