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WCIU Journal

The WCIU Journal is actively publishing submissions from students, alumni, faculty, and friends in the undated topic-issues listed on the home page

See two new blogs posted recently:

Understanding African Problems from the Roots to the Fruits: This is the first in a series of blogs by WCIU alumnus, Chris Ampadu, PhD. He analyzes Africa’s failure to thrive as an insider from an animist family in Ghana.

Addressing Gang Violence in El Salvador: This country has been in the news lately as the US president has called for more than 200,000 El Salvadorians who were given temporary permits to live in the US to return to their gang-dominated country. This short blog gives a personal experience of the favor God has given a WCIU doctoral student who works with gangs in that country.

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Ralph D. Winter Research Center 

I’m uploading articles and audios to this website on a weekly basis, along with articles by others on themes of keen interest to Ralph Winter. See two recent blogs added to the “Conversations with Ralph D. Winter” page:

Theological Education by Extension: Lessons for the Past; Applications for the Future: Greg Parsons gave this address at the 2017 Southwest Evangelical Missiological Society meeting. This is the topic Ralph Winter first became famous for, with Donald McGavran inviting him to be part of the first faculty of the Fuller School of World Mission due to his initiative in TEE.

Before Genesis 1:1: As I’m slowly going through audio recordings of Ralph Winter’s seminars in 2004–2007, I’m finding excerpts that can be turned into articles and short videos. The latest of these is on the controversial subject, “Before Genesis 1:1.” Find out what that has to do with international development and missions and watch a short embedded video.

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WCIU Press

Although we are not actively publishing books right now, I thought you would like to know about some of the books we’ve published in the past. Several of these are included in readings for the Global Civilization MA program. All are available on Amazon. I’ve given links to free downloadable PDFs for the books I wrote or edited. In a future update I’ll list some other books from WCIU Press.

Frontiers in Mission: Surmounting and Overcoming Barriers to the Missio Dei: Ralph Winter’s self-edited collection of his key writings. This is a treasure.