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WCIU is named after William Carey, an enterprising 19th century Englishman who devoted nearly 50 years to the people of India with an exceptionally broad approach to community and national development. His achievements spanned the realms of scientific research, economic and ecological innovation, social reform, linguistic and literary works, and educational advancement. He brought innovation to Indian society by establishing the first printing press, the first English language newspaper, the first horticultural society, the first banking house, and the first school for girls. He also helped found one of India’s oldest and most prestigious colleges.

Carey recognized that the major challenges facing the Indian peoples of his day lay deep within the historical, socio-cultural matrix of the nation—its ideology, its politics, socio-economic systems and religious worldviews. In the spirit of William Carey’s legacy, WCIU seeks to equip students to understand the malignant systems that contribute to poverty, disease, crime and injustice, and effectively address their causes. Only through such development practices can lasting change be achieved leading to genuine development. WCIU embraces and proactively promotes the Hebrew concept of shalom, signifying a state of right relationship with God, with self, with others, and with creation leading to common peace, health and prosperity.

WCIU holds the deep conviction that development is a dynamic process of change and growth that is most effective when generated from within a socio-cultural system, and not by external forces. Thus, development that aims at seeing societies transformed must also aim at addressing moral, ethical and religious dynamics which are often at the core of human suffering and need. It must also capitalize on local initiative and resources development. Only through such development practices can lasting, transformational change be achieved.

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Serving the International Development community since 1977...

Serving the International Development community since 1977...