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WCIU’s Educational Programs are Mentored

Although WCIU offers field-based extension programs, we are committed to providing our students virtual contact with experienced scholar-practitioners who comprise our faculty.

We also recognize the immense value to professional growth of peer mentoring and as often as possible, organize our students into cohort groups.

This lessens the sense of isolation distance learning can produce, and provides a stimulating learning experience in which students can share their insights related to their work, their community engagement, and their personal development with others involved in similar work around the world.  

Description of Mentor-Coach Responsibilities:

• Meet regularly (in person, by Skype, phone, or email) with students to encourage, debrief, and coach in their academic work.
• Interact with the student’s responses to the Reflection Questions and Bible Studies for each lesson to coach them in applying what is being learned to spiritual development and ministry.
• Feel free to participate in the online discussions of the current course your students are taking, as Mentor-coaches are given the role of Teaching Assistant in Populi.
• Help students select research topics that will benefit their ministry.
• Encourage students to meet the deadlines for posting responses to the Reflection Questions. Discuss practical steps they can take to manage their time in work, family, and study priorities.
• Periodically review how students are doing in progressing toward MA Program Outcomes and Course Outcomes, found in the syllabus.