Registration for Courses

The course registration period lasts for 6 weeks. MA students register for their courses in Populi. Each student is required to sign and submit an Enrollment Agreement each term. The Enrollment Agreement form is available on Populi.

How to Register for Courses

Step 1 Log into Populi. In the Home tab in the Dashboard tab you will see an alert stating “Registration is now open”

(If you do not see a Registration alert, click on “My Profile” and then on the “Registration” tab and skip to step 3)

Step 2 Click on the "Registration is now open" alert

Step 3 View courses being offered by selecting the correct term from the “Register for” drop down menu. Available courses you are able to enroll in will have a green

Step 4 Click on the green + of the course to add your course

Step 5 The course you added will appear under the section “My Courses” BE SURE TO CLICK THE “Save” BUTTON.

Step 6 Congratulations! You have registered for a course in the upcoming term. Enjoy your course!

If you experience any difficulties please view How to Register for Courses or send an email to for further assistance.