Grading Policies and Procedures  

Each course has a defined grade type (A-F scale, credit/no credit or pass/fail).  Course grades are based on online discussion participation, quizzes, exams, papers and projects. Please refer to individual course syllabi for specific information regarding assignment grades.  Course instructors are expected to post final course grades by the end date of the term, which is two weeks after coursework ends.

In all courses, except those designated as credit/no credit or pass/fail, scholarship is ranked as follows:   

Grading Symbols  

A+, A, A-: exceptional  

B+, B, B-:  superior  

C: average  

D: poor  

F: failure  

Note:  A course that is failed or deemed incomplete for any reason may be reattempted one time.  If completed successfully, the student may continue their course of study. If not, the student may be withdrawn from the program at the discretion of the program committee.

I: Incomplete – An “I” is granted when students have completed most required coursework, but are unable to complete the course due to extenuating circumstances. An “I” remains on the student’s record until the final grades are recorded in Populi. Failure to submit coursework by the extension deadline will translate automatically into a “0” on the student’s un-submitted assignment(s). 

IP: In Progress – An “IP” appears as the course grade when a student is still enrolled in a term or has applied for and has been granted the extension. If the course is not completed by the stipulated date, the "IP" will translate automatically into a “0” on the student’s un-submitted assignment(s). 

NC: No Credit – This mark was previously recorded by the institution when a student who had not applied for an extension did not complete a course, failing to submit assignments.  It is no longer in use in this capacity.  An “NC” on a transcript is assigned a value of 0.0 per credit hour when calculating GPA.  Courses marked as NC are included in GPA calculations and in determining Academic Standing, Academic Probation, and Academic Disqualification.  NC courses do not add credits or fulfill degree or program requirements.  

RD:  Report Delayed – An “RD” is recorded when a delay in reporting the grade is due to administrative circumstances not caused by student actions. RD does not add earned credits and does not affect GPA. When it becomes available, the earned grade replaces RD.  

W: Withdrawal – A “W” is assigned only for emergency withdrawal after the last day to drop courses, for reasons beyond the control of the student, such as serious illness or death in the family.  A “W” will appear on the transcript, and does not add earned credits and does not affect GPA.  

Securing a Proctor

Students must find a proctor to administer any exams they may need to take for admission to a program. For information about getting a proctor and the proctor application, please see "Proctoring for Exams" in this Catalog.