FOundations of Biblical Faith FAQS

Can anyone take Foundations of Biblical Faith?

Those desiring to take Foundations of Biblical Faith must fill in an Application, have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent, meet English language requirement, submit official college transcripts, and provide a government issued photo ID. See our Admissions Policy for a complete list of the requirements.

Is Foundations of Biblical Faith offered on campus?

No. Foundations of Biblical Faith is only offered online through virtual interaction.

How long is the entire Foundations course?

10 weeks.

How much is the Foundations of Biblical Faith course?

The course cost is $600.

If you are a member of a development organization or agency, or "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement" alumni, you are eligible for a 50% discount on the Foundations of Biblical Faith introductory course. 

Can I do a payment plan?

Yes. Those enrolled in Foundations of Biblical Faith may sign up for a payment plan. This payment plan allows students to make 3 payment installments for each 3-month term. Enrollment is not considered complete until this payment plan has been approved.

Will I earn credit for this course?

Students will earn 3 credits for Foundations of Biblical Faith if they pass the course with a B- or better.

Can I transfer my credits to another institution?

The transferability of credits earned at William Carey International University (WCIU) is at the complete discretion of the institution to which a student may seek to transfer. Click here to learn more.

Who will my instructor be?

A WCIU MA Professor will facilitate the Foundations of Biblical Faith course.