MA Curriculum

The MA in International Development curriculum integrates perspectives from a wide range of disciplines through a historical, biblical, and cultural approach to understanding God’s global purposes. The curriculum covers four time frames of civilization:   

A. Ancient world (Creation to 400 BCE)   

B. Classical world (400 BCE to 200 CE)   

C. Expanding world (200 CE to 1945)   

D. Modern world (1945 to present)   

The original curriculum was designed by nationally recognized scholars: Dr. Walter Kaiser (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Gordon-Conwell Seminary); Dr. Walter Russell, Jr. (Biola University); Drs. Paul Pierson and Ralph Winter (Fuller School of World Mission); and Dr. John Gration (Wheaton Graduate School).   

MA Program Overview

Enrollment in each of the 2-credit courses is offered every three months. Students may enroll in up to two consecutive courses simultaneously.  Students in the WCIU MA Program should plan for an average of 120 hours of work per 2-credit course.   

The 36 credits required for the Master of Arts in International Development are integrated courses and are generally taken sequentially.