Help WCIU Excel


Why Use Your Gift to Invest in WCIU?

WCIU's vision of a verdant and flourishing world, ripe with wholeness and peace for all peoples shapes all we do, and is the ultimate purpose for our innovative approaches to distance education which equips our students to work in collaboration to find transformational solutions to the roots of human problems among the most neglected peoples of the world.

Two important giving options to consider:

WCIU's Global Scholars Fund:

This scholarship fund is awarded annually to students based on a combination of need and the strategic importance of their intended focus of study. Our full MA costs just under $10,000, for everything related to the program (tuition, materials, etc). So $250 per month ($3,000/year) provides a full scholarship for an academic year. 

President's Strategic Fund:

This fund is used as most needed to help launch new initiatives, grow our infrastructure, and continued innovation. More information about specific current efforts can be found by sending inquiries to