Student Grievance Policy

WCIU Progress and Grievance Policy

William Carey International University (WCIU) acknowledges that students have the right to seek a remedy for a dispute or disagreement through a comprehensive complaint and grievance procedure.

A complaint is defined as dissatisfaction when a decision or action has been made inconsistently with university policies and procedures, or improper, unfair, arbitrary, or discriminatory treatment has occurred.

A grievance is defined as a complaint for which a mutual resolution has not been achieved through informal mediation at Levels I and II. A grievance must be accompanied by supporting evidence that the decision made at Level II was unjustly rendered.

WCIU reserves the right to amend use of the Complaint and Grievance Policy in any circumstance that is deemed necessary by the university. Additionally, should a complaint be against a faculty member or administrator, an opportunity will be provided for the faculty member or administrator to respond to the received complaint in attempt to aid in its resolution.

Complaint Procedure

Level I

Students may file a complaint by contacting the specific department or faculty member that the complaint is against or by submitting the Complaint Form within Populi. Submission of a complaint should take place within ten business days of the occurrence. The student will be notified that the complaint has been received within 48 hours. A decision will be communicated to the student within ten business days after receiving the complaint.

Level II

Students not satisfied with the decision rendered at Level I should contact the Student Services department within five business days of receiving the Level I decision and request that the decision be considered at a higher level. The student will be informed that the request has been received. The Student Services department will then take this Level II request to the Registrar who will provide a secondary review, consideration, and will communicate the decision to the student within ten business days following receipt.

Level III

Students not satisfied with the decision rendered at Level II may file a formal, written grievance. This grievance must be a letter that is sent to the University President at 1605 E. Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA 91104 USA within ten business days of the Level II notification date. The grievant must include the following criteria, as appropriate in the letter:

  • The specific university policy or procedure that has been allegedly violated,

  • Factual information and/or evidence supporting the grievant’s views on the alleged violation, and

  • A description of the outcome the grievant seeks.

The grievant will be notified that the grievance has been received and the University President will then give independent consideration, adjudication, and a written decision about the grievance within seven business days of the notification which includes information on how students can file complaints for states WCIU is approved to offer its program.

Filing Complaints with External Agencies

Students who wish to file a complaint with an agency, may review full contact information found below for applicable agencies. Students should not contact these agencies unless they have completed the university’s process for filing a complaint and no resolution has been achieved.



California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400

Sacramento, CA 95833

(916) 431-6959