WCIU is approved by the California State Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education to offer MA and PhD degrees in International Development. WCIU's degree programs are not currently accredited by any other agency. Before applying, please read the Notice to Prospective Students


  1. Apply for Conditional Admission (no application fee)
  2. Submit all admissions requirements
  3. Admitted students may take a maximum of 2 WCIU courses (one of which must be the Foundations of Biblical Faith intro course)
  4. Students who desire to complete the MA in International Development degree program must satisfy one of the following requirements in order to be eligible for Full Admission:
    • Pass the Foundations of Biblical Faith intro course with a B or higher 
    • or Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher upon completion of their first 2 courses
  5. Additional courses can only be taken after a student applies for Full Admission and is accepted. 


Applications are accepted twice a year for the April (Spring) term and October (Fall) Term.


WCIU receives student applications and processes them in a timely a manner. Formal announcements regarding acceptance into the University programs are sent via email approximately four weeks prior to enrollment for each term. 

WCIU courses are online and begin the first Tuesday of January, April, July and October. Academic credit is awarded in semester units.

notification of admission

Applicants admitted to the University will receive a formal acceptance letter from the Admissions Office by email. Official admission is contingent on the verification of the student's signing the required acceptance forms which consist of the Notice to Prospective Students, School Performance Fact Sheet, and Enrollment Agreement. Once the signed acceptance forms are reviewed and approved, the student may enroll in courses.

Denial of Admission

The Admissions Office may deny admission if an applicant fails to meet the minimum admissions requirements. Applicants who are denied admission to the University will receive an email notification from the Admissions Office specifying the reason for denied admission.  Applicants who are denied admission may submit a new application along with required admissions documentation to be considered for admission in the next or future terms.

WCIU Admissions Counselor

Welcome to WCIU! 


If you have any questions please email admissions@wciu.edu.

Ashley Manley, Admissions Counselor