Do I have to apply for conditional admission?

All prospective students interested in William Carey International University's MA International Development program or course-for-credit offerings must first apply for conditional admission before being eligible for full admission into WCIU.

How can I benefit from conditional admission?

Conditional admission allows individuals interested in our program to benefit from our courses while being introduced to the academic culture and expectations of WCIU.

What if I'm not pursuing a degree?

Prospective students who are not interested in pursuing a degree at WCIU but desire to take a course-for-credit, are still required to apply for conditional admission.

Can I apply for full admission?

Students can only apply for full admission after meeting the requirements mentioned here.

For more information regarding admissions please email

How many courses can I take under conditional admission?

Conditionally admitted students may take a max of 2 courses. For additional courses, students must apply for full admission

Can I submit an application before submitting my unofficial transcripts?

You may email your unofficial transcript to no later than 30 days into your 2nd course. 

What is the course load like?

All WCIU courses are delivered 100% online. Though this allows flexibility in courses, students should plan for an average of 90 hours of work per course.

Can I take two courses my first term?

No. Conditionally admitted students may only take 1 course their first term. Once fully admitted, students may take up to 2-credit courses at one time.

Is there a Capstone Project in WCIU's MA Program?

Yes. The Capstone Project is the last course of the MA program.

What are the total tuition costs for the entire MA program?

36 credits x $200/credit = $7200 

Excludes cost of books and other materials and one-time application fee of $50. Payment plans available. 

How much is the Foundations of Biblical Faith intro course?


If I conditionally enroll, how much would both courses be?

The Foundations intro course is $600 and the second course will be $400, totalling $1,000 for conditional admission.