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Mentor-Coach – M.A.

WCIU offers field-based, mentored graduate studies for proven leaders working cross-culturally with NGOs. The Mentor-Coach is key to a relationally oriented learning experience for students, who work toward a degree on a part-time basis while maintaining active participation in their NGO. The Mentor-Coach contributes on a part time basis and serves in a volunteer capacity.

We strongly encourage students to locate a Mentor-Coach with advanced academic and ministry experience, who will serve both as a coach and an accountability partner. An online facilitator for each course will be responsible for grading students’ responses to reflection questions and discussions. Therefore, a Mentor-Coach is not expected to do any grading for the student(s).

Description of Mentor-Coach Responsibilities:
• Meet regularly (in person, by Skype, phone, or email) with students to encourage, debrief, and coach in their academic work.
• Interact with the student’s responses to the Reflection Questions and Bible Studies for each lesson to coach them in applying what is being learned to spiritual development and ministry.
• Feel free to participate in the online discussions of the current course your students are taking, as Mentor-coaches are given the role of Teaching Assistant in Populi.
• Help students select research topics that will benefit their ministry.
• Encourage students to meet the deadlines for posting responses to the Reflection Questions. Discuss practical steps they can take to manage their time in work, family, and study priorities.
• Periodically review how students are doing in progressing toward MA Program Outcomes and Course Outcomes, found in the syllabus.

Desired Experience and Skills:
• Graduate degree that is as high, or higher, than the degree the student is seeking in a field related to the cultural, biblical, and social aspects of international development (see Understanding the Concept of International Development)
• Experience in mentoring, facilitating, coaching, or counseling.

How to Apply:
Please complete the Mentor-Coach Application.

Once complete, a member of the WCIU staff will contact the applicant regarding the remaining process of becoming a Mentor-Coach.  Applicants must complete the entire approval process to become a Mentor-Coach for the program.