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Robert A. Blincoe (Ph.D., 2012)
U.S. Director, Frontiers

"The WCIU advantages – the “change-the-world” attitude among students, its field-experienced faculty, and its solid yet innovative curriculum—make WCIU the university of choice for restless, questioning, discoverers. Its graduates are making a difference in every part of the globe."

Herb Brussow (Ph.D., 1994)
Summer Institute of Linguistics

"My degree from WCIU gave me opportunities I never dreamed possible. It has given me the opportunity to show where and why adult education is important and also to know the intercultural theory and practice. My experience through WCIU made me not a parrot of others’ ideas but forced me to forge my own ideas and convictions."

Neil Rees (M.A., 2005)
International Director, World Horizons

"WCIU’s M.A. program was a tremendous help to me, providing frames of reference for subsequent problem-solving and scholarship in international development. My degree has opened new doors of understanding and opportunity."

Chong Kim (M.A., 2004)
Founder and Director, Band Barnabas

"The Global Civilization program presents an eagle’s-eye view of the history of global (not merely Western) civilization through the perspective of God’s redemptive plan. This ambitious and rich program lays a solid foundation of global outlook that no other program I know of has achieved or even attempted. We are highly recommending this program to all members of our organization."

Todd M. Johnson (Ph.D., 1993), Research Fellow in Global Christianity and Director, Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"After completing my Ph.D. at WCIU, I was shocked to learn that friends who had earned Ph.D.s from other institutions had spent so little time with their mentors. I am grateful that I was able to spend many hours every week with my mentor. I am quite certain that without that investment of time, I would not have been able to carry on his research ministry into the 21st century."

Gene Daniels (M.A.)
Fruitful Practices research Taskforce

After several years of working in a cross-cultural setting, the WCIU Master's program filled-in the gaps in my knowledge base as well as built a framework to place this knowledge in. Also, the academic discipline I learned through the program has proven critical to my development as a researcher and a solid foundation for my doctoral studies.