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WCIU Personnel

William Bjoraker, PhD in Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2007.
Associate Professor of Judeo-Christian and Contemporary Western Culture Studies 

James Butare-Kiyovu, PhD in Applied Linguistics, Sorbonne University, 1982.
Professor of Applied Linguistics

Clara Cheng, PhD in Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2001.
Associate Professor of Psychological Anthropology

Joel T. Hamme, PhD in Biblical Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2015.
Associate Professor of Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies  

Peter Im, PhD in Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1992.
Professor of Intercultural Studies and Director of the Global Leadership Center 

Grace May, ThD in Systematic Theology, Boston University School of Theology, 2000.
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies 

Yalin Xin, PhD in Intercultural Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary, 2008.
Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies 

Greg Parsons, PhD in Historical Studies, University of Wales, 2012.
Ralph D. Winter Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies

WCIU additionally contracts adjunct faculty who may not be listed in this catalog.

Interim President: Greg Parsons, PhD
Vice President of Programs: Jonathan Lewis, PhD
Vice President of Administration: Joanna Schiestl

Dean of Academic Affairs: Yalin Xin, PhD
Research Librarian: Joel Hamme, PhD
Reference Librarian: Tim Skinners, MLS

Registrar: Jennifer Lee
Student Services Coordinator: Brenna Miller
Admissions Counselor: Ashley Manley

Chief Operations Manager: Kerry Jones
Controller: John Husman
Security Manager: John Ludwig
Operations: Ramon Solis